A.C.E : Everyone’s Favorite Phantasy

Our Favorite Boys, A.C.E, are back with their new EP, HJZM: The Butterfly Phantasy. The five guys stunned everyone with the elegance of their new concept that encompasses all of the beauty of Korea and other Asian influences. The enchanting allure of the concept photos continues throughout the music video in the form of vivid visuals and gorgeous regalia that flows as well as the sharp choreography. Fans of the Favorite Boys music video will no doubt be equally impressed with the HJZM EP as a whole. Despite not having as rough of a sound as the previous single, Savage, Butterfly Phantasy gives a fresh new take on A.C.E’s signature style while still holding true to what makes A.C.E, A.C.E.

From the hard hitting Golden Goose that makes you want to get up and dance, to Clover, the track that gives listeners that nostalgic boy group sound, each member shines by adding their own unique charms that are as colorful as the sets in the Favorite Boys music video. Each of the five tracks on the EP showcase A.C.E’s ability to create music that all listeners can enjoy no matter what genre suits their fancy. A.C.E. delivers a body of work that will not only pique the interest of new listeners but will also make Choice (the A.C.E fandom) proud.

Check out A.C.E's 'Goblin(Favorite Boys)' Music Video

As you know, we at NYAFangirls are huge Choice and have been waiting for this comeback! Our next podcast episode (Tuesday, September 8th) will be dedicated to our Favorite Boys as we discuss the music video and the album on our mini album review. If that still doesn’t satisfy your A.C.E itch, look forward to our Goblin(Favorite Boys) music video reaction and our Butterfly Phantasy first listen on our YouTube channel! Be sure to watch the music video and give the album a listen and join in on the conversation!

So whether you are listening to Butterfly Phantasy, watching the Favorite Boys music video, or just loving everything that A.C.E does, remember to always, ALWAYS, FANGIRL ON!

- Terrica

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