Coffee Shop Sunday Pt. 2

Hello coffee connoisseurs!

I’m back with another addition to our Sunday coffee meetings! The next stop in our coffee journey is a cute little cafe that was simply name cafe. We stumbled upon cafe one morning as we were walking into the city from our Airbnb. We needed something both caffeinated AND filling and low and behold, we looked at the menu and found the purple sweet potato latte!

Pro tip #5: Korea loves fresh ingredients! Just about every fruit based or sweet potato drink will actually contain REAL fruit and sweet potatoes. Mango Tea? Actual mango pieces in the tea! Korean Pear sparkling fizz drink? Contains real Korean Pears! Sweet potato latte? You guessed it - MADE WITH REAL PURPLE SWEET POTATOES!

The barista, with her cute cartoon socks, took our order and began to make our drinks. She put 2 huge scoops of sweet potato into our cup, poured in the soy milk, stirred the drink, lidded it, then handed it to us.

Not a drop of coffee to be found.

Now, this may seem like a complete fail (because it low-key was) but the drink was absolutely delicious AND it did check off at least one of our requirements for the day. It was super filling and held us over until we had time to stop and eat lunch later that afternoon. So yes, I did say that this post is about coffee and coffee only, but this cafe deserves a mention. So for Cafe, I give 2.5 out of 5 beans. This is mainly due to the fact that we didn’t actually get to drink coffee the first time around and because the fact that the sweet potato latte wasn’t caffeinated wasn’t specified on the menu.

*Side note, I later went back to that cafe and ordered actual coffee(iced vanilla latte) and it wasn’t bad.*

That’s all for this post! Check back next week for something sweet and always remember to, FANGIRL ON!

- Terrica

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