Coffee Shop Sunday Pt. 3

Heya my coffee compadres!

Stop number 3 on our coffee adventure is the cutest on the list, Billy Angel Cake! Billy Angel Cake was a coffee shop that we wandered into after a long day of exploring. We were hot, we were tired, and we were drawn in by the pretty lights and cakes in the window.

The shop was an Instagram queen’s dream! The colors were cute and bright just like the cookies and cakes and the walls were aesthetic heaven. The baristas were just as cute and friendly.

Unfortunately, or fortunately for the consistency of this post, I am a creature of habit. This means I definitely ordered something with vanilla, and that something was an iced vanilla latte. To me, vanilla lattes are such a classic coffee. Not too sweet, not too plain, with just the right amount of sass to still count as “real coffee”. I must say that my experience with most aesthetically pleasing coffee shops is that the “do it for the gram” factor is high while the actual taste of the coffee isn’t as cute. In the case of Billy Angel Coffee, the coffee was actually pretty good. It was a little on the sweet side and you definitely had to give your coffee a little shimmy to stir up the flavoring that settles at the bottom but, for those who like a little coffee with their flavoring that could be a plus.

Billy Angel Cake did its job for giving us the quick but delicious pick me up we needed, along with a sugar serious rush. For this, I give Billy Angel Cake a 3.5 out of 5 beans.

Tune in next Sunday for another Coffee Shop Sunday and always remember to, FANGIRL ON!

- Terrica

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