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NYAFangirls the Blogcast: All the DAY6 Demons

Blogcastians! (Yes I did just make up a word)

We are back with another written edition of NYAFangirls.

This episode was a doozy! And it took us an hour and fourteen whole minutes to discuss everything! But don’t worry, I am definitely not writing a Harry Potter book worth of content coverage. We’re keeping it short and sweet as always. So lets kick things off with some news!

Joining our boy Woodz, Onewe and Cravity have also announced their official fandom names. So, look alive Lovers, because just like our boys it is now our turn to undergo a name change. We are now officially WEVE......yep, WEVE. But hey, it’s not about the name, it’s about the love we share for Onewe and their music (hehehe). Cravity fans, or should I say Luvity, now have a title just as cute as their maknae line😆

Speaking of cute boys, THE Boyz has everyone in a tizzy with their new Generation Z video! The guys created a visual masterpiece that makes us and themselves look inside and challenge the way we see them. And BOY(z) did we see them. For more about how we felt about Generation Z and all of its.....zesty appeal check out Kat and Cynthia’s reaction on our YouTube channel.

And good news for Blinks! No, y’all aren’t getting a name change but, get ready to make a change to your Blackpink playlist! No longer will you have to listen to the same five songs on repeat because not only are the talented quartet releasing a new single BUT we are also getting a full length Blackpink album! And it’s about damn time! But of course with the good news comes the bad.

Sadly, NCT 127 announced the cancellation of their world tour while Monsta X takes the more hopeful approach by postponing theirs. While the devastating reality of the fact that we may have to wait a whole year to wild out at a live show is a tough pill to swallow, there is always a silver lining. Virtual concerts are starting to become what John Green refer to as, our always; at least until 2021. Luckily, our faves miss us just as much as we miss them and are coming through with the content. BTS announced BANGBANGCON the live show in what ARMYs speculate to be an online Festa! The ministry of culture of Korea is hosting A Trip to Kpop featuring iKon, Kim Jaehwan, formerly of Wanna One (Wannable 5ever!) KARD and many more! Also, the class of 2020 must of had one hell of a senior fundraiser because Monsta X will be serenading high school seniors and raising money at St. Jude’s Prom From Home.

Corona may be stopping us from seeing our faves in person BUT there is no stopping good music.

This brings us to COMEBACKS!

So here’s the rundown.

*BVNDIT completely changes things up from the theme of their pre-release and gives us fierce queen of the jungle realness with Jungle. Between the outfits, the choreo, and the all around Queen behavior, we can’t help but to love it!

*Baek Ji Young and Ong Seongwu deliver the most dramatic ballad known to man with Didn’t Say Anything. Which, of course, Carolina completely ignored and instead said (screamed) a lot of things. But hey, did you expect anything else from someone who owns an Ong pillow? No, no you didn’t.

*Gifted musician, producer extraordinaire, and according to Kat “music store CEO” Park Chanyeol teamed up with Raiden, Changmo, and Lee Hi to give us the groovy spring sounds of Yours. All four of these artists put their own flavor into the song to create something definitely worth checking out. We think that both kpop and khiphop/R&B fans can enjoy this collab.

*Can you hear the Libras squealing!? The next comeback is Hug by Bol4! This song is all the sweetness that you would expect from Bol4 with a Pixar’s Inside Out-esq music video to match. If you love Bol4 then you know that Hug is classic Bol4 music. If you don’t love Bol4 then what are you waiting for?! Go listen to the entire discography ASAP for first love smiles and butterflies in your tummy feels.

*And last but CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, the Kings that are NU’EST came back with I’m in Trouble and let me say, they were not lying! We were definitely in trouble when we watched the MV! Visuals on point, choreo perfection, vocals amazing! Just when we thought we escaped our punishment we found ourselves in even bigger trouble once we listened to the album! It’s. GOOD. And you should definitely give it a listen if you haven’t yet.

And that was that for comebacks! But we aren’t finished yet. Here at NYAFG we love traditions and we love DAY6. So what better way to celebrate that than with our DAY6 album review!

DAY6 continues their “Book of Us” series with The Demon. This album took a darker turn than the last, and my personal favorite album, Entropy. Here is where you can clearly see the differences in our musical taste as Cynthia prefers this album over the last. But we all agree that this is album is great. As usual, DAY6 showcases their amazing ability to tell a cohesive story throughout the entirety of their album. With strong vocals and powerful guitars, they impress us once again with their lyrics and talent for making their listeners feel more than just the music but also the message and emotions behind it.

As always, our resident My Day, Cynthia, talks us through little facts and tidbits that she learned from Jae’s podcast to help us get an even deeper view into the album. To hear these facts and how we felt about each song in detail, check out the full review on this week’s podcast episode.

And that is it folks!

So whether you are rocking out with DAY6, finding Spring love with Bol4, or setting your alarm so you don’t miss the next online concert at 3am, remember to always, ALWAYS, FANGIRL ON!

- Terrica

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