NYAFangirls the Blogcast: Alpacas for Agust D

Hello internet lurkers.

This week’s Blogcast comes to you a little later than usual. It’s been a very intense and emotional week this week and writing this is proving to be a struggle but I didn’t want to let y’all down. I will say that this blog may be much shorter and not as sweet as the previous but let’s kick things off with some news!

CHOICE! OUR TIME HAS FINALLY COME!!! A.C.E OFFICIALLY HAS A LIGHTSTICK AND SHE'S.....cute. She may not be the baddest girl at the party but, she’s the sweet girl next door we’ve known our whole lives and we love her. Speaking of our boys A.C.E, they are helping us anime girls live our best lives by participating in FutureCon, an online concert that combines music and anime! TikTok is also putting their horse in the Online Concert Race by creating the first vertical online concert that will feature artists like APink, Monsta X, and Kang Daniel. They are also hosting a hip hop version of this with artists such as Crush, Jay Park, and Bobby. No offense to TikTok but to us, this idea makes zero sense. We get the whole let’s cater to phone users but like, we just think it ain’t it. Like it’s a nice thought but when we watch a concert we want to see EVERYTHING! Not just a singular fancam.

This next news topic is one that is near and dear to Carolina’s heart. Alpacas. No we aren’t talking about RJ, we’re talking about an insta famous alpaca that was hired by idols to be a special guest to take pictures at a birthday party in Itaewon. The idols involved in this were in this party were highly criticized for violating social distancing laws but the real question is why is this Alpaca so famous and who thought it was a good idea to have this party. But also, how can we contact said Alpaca because once health conditions are safer NYAFG would LOVE to have an alpaca party!

Enough about alpacas, let’s get into comebacks!

NEW NUMBUH WHO DIS!? New girl group Secret Number debuted with Who Dis? Most of these girls used to be YG trainees, with one even being part of the pre-debut Blackpink lineup, and we definitely feel that vibe. The girls also bring a cool element of being multinational and we are here for it. I, for one, am all about their vibe and can’t wait to see what else they put out!

The girl power continues with REDSQUARE's debut, Color Full! The girls intrigued us with their concept of keeping their faces covered and focusing less on visuals and more on their music. I thought the song was ok but the other girls seemed to really like it. I guess all we can do is wait to see what else REDSQUARE has in store for us.

Next is no other than the vocal king Kim Jaehwan aka Ken from VIXX. Ken had his solo debut with Just for a Moment. And let me tell you, we (by we I mean me and fellow Starlight Kat) needed several moments! The video was sweet, and his vocals were even sweeter. The whole EP is signature Ken with emotional ballads and strong vocals and this was a nice present for Starlights before he starts his Hawaiian vacation😭

TXT. Talented, wonderful, beautiful TXT. Our sons came back with Can’t You See Me and boy!!!!! This is their best work yet. The boys continue to get better and better with each comeback. Between the choreography, the concept, and the visuals of the music video this is easily our favorite TXT album and comeback! So please please check it out. The whole album is fire but besides the title track we recommend Eternally and Fairy of Shampoo.

This brings us to....OnlyOneOf and the only thing I was confused about. We all agree that the song is great! How can it not be when it’s produced by *insert Gray whisper.* The music video left us a little baffled. It was weird. And as you know, we at NYAFG LOVE quirky weird! But this was a little too far out for us. And this is coming from an Austin native (keep Austin weird.) Also someone please help our boy Junji! He deserves justice! That haircut is NOT IT!

Please excuse me while I scream because NCT 127 CAME BACK WITH PUNCH AND PUNCHED ME IN THE FACE!!!

This is such an organic NCT 127 song with all the “noise” you want. It starts off with a video game feel and then quickly shifts gears into what sounds like 5 different songs jammed together in the best most coherent way possible. The power of 127! I honestly don’t know how we all collectively couldn’t remember how Punch sounded when it was first performed because now I can’t get it out of my head! AYYYEEE WE BALLIN!

Last, but certainly not least, is our boy Crush! If you have listened to us before you know that we are HUGE Crush fans and adding Joy from Red Velvet to the mix made Mayday a masterpiece! The song gave us all the cute, quirky, funny, relatable vibes that Crush delivers every time. We are really digging the home movie element of his music videos lately and we want more! THIS is the weird that we want and THIS is the weird that we are here for! Another hit from Crush but let’s be real, it’s what we all expected. Sidebar, we are also onboard with the whole Crush/Joy please date train.

The end of comebacks marks the start of our mini album review. This week we reviewed D-2 by none other than Mr. Agust D himself! As usual, I will not go into full detail of our review but if you would like to hear our full thoughts check out the podcast!

What I will say is that the mixtape is phenomenal. We were able to see different sides of Yoongi not only through his hard hitting lyrics but, also through his raw vocals, his emotion, and his venture into different styles and sounds. We know that there has been some controversy surrounding one of the songs on the mixtape and we just want to say that no matter which side of the debate you fall on, if you calmly expressed how you feel without devaluing and sending negative words to others, then you are valid. As of today BigHit has taken down the song in question and re-uploaded an alternate version. I really hope that the controversy surrounding this song does not spark negative views of Yoongi and does not deter you from listening to the mixtape because it truly is great and deserves to be heard.

So whether you are listening to the new TXT album, getting into a new girl group, or secretly hoping that Crush and Joy are couple of the year, remember to always, ALWAYS Fangirl On!

- Terrica

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