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Updated: May 23, 2020

Hello people of the blogosphere! So here at Not Your Average Fangirls (NYAFG) we have decided to give you yet another way to have our thoughts forced upon you! Just in case you don’t have time to listen to our angelic voices or simply can’t keep up with the chaos that is NYAFG, we are offering you a short and semi sweet version right here on our website. So without further ado, I present to you...

This week on Not Your Average Fangirls; the written edition. Let’s kick(some new)things off with news. The news of Jinho of Pentagon’s trip to Hawaii had us reeling. It’s slowly starting to sink in that our generation of idols will all be taking their Hawaiian vacations soon and, personally, we don’t know how we’re going to deal. Bless all of the foreign members out there who will have the responsibility of comforting us through our time of sadness (we’re looking at you Johnny, Felix, Jae, and Ten.)

Hopefully these companies take our advice and split groups into vacation units. Half of them take their leave, while the others give us all the content our little hearts desire. Once unit one comes back, unit two can go have their two year fun in the sun. Think of it as NCT’s concept but make it patriotic or whatever.

Speaking of men who are serving their country, and we aren’t just talking about their bops, ATEEZ is the new Korean Culture and Information Service Honorary Ambassadors. What better group to help spread Korean culture to the world than the group with one of the biggest international fan bases. International greatness continues with the announcement of BTS being part of YouTube’s virtual celebration of the graduates of 2020. The boys will not only perform but, will also speak alongside major influences like the Obamas (Barack forever our president) and Lady GaGa! And before you ask, yes, we’re all a little salty that we got the PTA president as our guest speaker while they get a whole ass BTS BUT, we think this is an amazing way to help celebrate the class of 2020 in the midst of all that is happening.

Congrats class of 2020! Go do hood rat things with your friends, as long as y’all stay 6 feet apart.

Of course we had a handful of other news but in the spirit of keeping this quick, I’ll just wrap up the news section by saying, Woodz dropped the ball by not giving his fandom a nature-ie kind of name (my vote is still with Oak Gang or its cult-like equivalent of The Silence.) Han showcases his talent in his first solo song and boy did he look and sound good. Jaehyun is the embodiment of the “a ha ha” meme, and the lyrical dancers and ballerina/os of the idol community deserve more opportunities to showcase their skills like the kings and queens that they are! Whoo Chile! That was a bunch of news. And my little hands are a cramping BUT I must serve the people and what the people want now, is comebacks! This week we covered Taeyeon’s 'Happy', 'Eight' by Korea’s sweetheart IU and the genius that is Suga (if you didn’t read his name is his signature whisper please go back to the beginning of the comeback section and try again.) Bol4 and Vocal King Byun Beakhyun’s 'Leo', 'Knock' by my babies Astro, 'Nineteen' by the super adorable Natty, Jongup’s 2000s vibe 'Headache' and the toothache that is FANATICS’ 'VAVI Girl.' So here’s the rundown:

*'Happy' is the love song of my daydreams and Kat is a hater. *IU and Yoongi....that’s it. Just two greats being great and making great music. *We all agree that BOL4 and Baekhyun give us butterflies in the best way possible. *Astro is still out here thinking they're grown but, we’re proud of the name they are making for themselves. *Natty is adorable and talented and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for her. *Seeing the playful side of Jongup was refreshing and we want nothing more than to join him in his bathtub full of bubbles! *FANATICS may not have been our cup of tea but they definitely have just the sickly sweet vibe needed to market to preteens (listen to the podcast if you’re interested in our Lisa Frank x FANATICS marketing collab.) And that was about it.

Although I would love to go into more detail, that would defeat the purpose of this recap entirely. I hope this, whatever it was, has either supplied you with the spark notes that your “I didn’t actually read the book but now I have to write a paper on it that’s due in eighteen hours” heart needed OR at least piqued your interest enough to listen to the podcast. Which you should because it’s a thousand times better and like....we’re funny.

So whether you spent the last ten minutes reading this, spent the last hour listening to the podcast, or just watched one of our videos (subscribe to our YouTube, Remember to always, ALWAYS, FANGIRL ON!

- Terrica

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