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Hello consumers of KPOP content! These past few weeks have been crazy for us here at NYAFangirls. Between work, family, quarantine, and podcast things we have been emotionally and physically drained. But I am back to give you another quick rundown of what we talked about in our most recent episode.

As some of you may know, we had the amazing opportunity to be part of the KPSN Podcast Fest where us along with some other amazing podcasts did live podcast episodes throughout the day. For everyone who tuned in and watched us, and for those who wanted to but couldn’t, thank you so much for your support! We had a blast! If you missed out on all the unwholesome chaos never fear, I’m sure we will be doing this again!

So, because time stands still for no one, the next two things that I am going to recap have already happened!

NOOB CON! Although I was unable to attend this online masterpiece, I have it on good authority from a trusted source (actual noob, Carolina) that the show that N. Flying put on was just as awesome as the concert’s name. Fun fact, Noob is a shortened version of a Korean word that means to lie down because well, you can watch the concert while lying down.... Because you’re at home and can do whatever the heck you want. So shoutout to Angelica from Ask Me About Kpop who tuned into our live episode and informed us of this and proved that not all heroes wear capes!

The second online concert mentioned was the online Dream Concert, not to be mistaken with The Dream Show which I’m still salty never made its way to the states (justice for U.S. DreamZens!) The Online Dream Concert CONNECT:D was another concert with a great lineup! Unfortunately, due to life situations we were unable to watch but if the cute clips of Woong that I saw are any indication of what the concert was like, then it was amazing!

Speaking of concerts, Monsta X has officially rescheduled and released U.S. tour dates. The tour starts in 2021 and, sadly, we think that the boys have too much faith in America. We would love NOTHING MORE than to have concerts back in the states again next year but, with the way things are going, we don’t know how realistic that is going to be.

Realistic. You know what’s not realistic? Me being able to buy a $200 Team Wang shirt with the 200 cents in my bank account. We support that Jackson wants Team Wang to be a high end brand. Like, yes, baby get your shine! But what we don’t support is the lack of payment plan or layaway options. Like bro. We in a pandemic AND we're multis like read the room.

This past week also brought us some hilarious happenings that could only happen to our favorite podcaster and all around master of all trades, Jae (from Day6). Somehow he was blocked from posting his own song due to copyright. I would give you the details but honestly hearing Cynthia passionately tell the tale of Jae and his copyright infringement is much more funny. So to hear all the tea on that, go back and listen to our latest episode.

Alright. You know the drill. It is time for comebacks.

This weeks comeback discussion was a little different. During the live episode we discussed half of the comebacks of the week and in this week’s regular episode we recapped them. So, this is going to be recap number 2!

*1THE9 - Bad Guy: Unfortunately for fans of the boys, this is their last comeback which sucks because they only had 2 comebacks prior. Poor Kat had flash backs of UNB and cried tears of pain while Caro, Cyn, and I watched in amusement. The good news is they went out with a bang. This was a great last hoorah and we really dug it.

*EXO SC - 1 Billion Views: Do we really need to tell you how we felt? When these two are together we can never take them too seriously. While Kat and I didn’t HATE the song we also didn’t love it. But of course, Caro really felt and liked the vibes.

*Dreamcatcher - Rose Blue: Our rock queens released another song but this time it is for a video game called Girl Gun Cafe (Girl Cafe Gun? 🤔) Even though this wasn’t a comeback, the girls delivered as always and gave us creepy yet beautiful visuals.

*GFRIEND - Apple: Boy, oh boy! This is the comeback and the concept we have been waiting for from GFRIEND! The visuals? AMAZING! The vocals? PERFECT as always! Choreo? FLAWLESS! Creepy, sexy storybook fairytale vibes? YES! We are so proud of them for finally branching out and giving us the music and concept that we knew these queens were capable of. We really hope that this continues as a series because the story is intriguing.

*Eunji (APink) - Away: Vocal queen Eunji gave us sweet early 2000s indie girl with her newest solo release. Carolina made a great point that while APink is playful and sexy, Eunji’s solo music is music that makes you think.

*Jeong Sewoon - Say Yes: If you have been listening to our podcast then you KNOW we are huge produce fans and even bigger Sewoon fans. This kid just keeps delivering album after album. We have dubbed him the prince of feel good music. No matter what the subject matter is, Sewoon just knows how to make you happy. Kat compares her Sewoon feels to the “It's an avocado!” baby and we thought that sums it up perfectly. Just pure joy. This song was about being yourself, feeling comfortable with who you are and embracing your faults and the positive parts of your personality. A+ music from an A+ artist.

*Crush - OHIO: Again. Do we really have to say it? We love EVERYTHING Crush puts out and this is no exception. He perfectly sums up what it feels like to be in your late 20s and does it in his signature quirky, cute, and hilarious way. His play on words once again has me heart eyes emoji and we can’t stress enough how much of a genuine, down to earth, and talented guy he is.

*TOO - Count 1, 2: TOO, pronounced T-O-O and not Two-0-0 (hehe) came back with something fun and fresh. Carolina compared it to GOT7’s Just Right and she’s not wrong. The song is an all around good time and the boys are so cute. If you have younger friends, siblings, family members and you want to get them into KPOP, this may be the song to introduce them To(o).

Welp. That’s that. Before I wrap things up, we will be taking a short mental health break this week. A lot has been going on in the life bubbles of NYAFangirls and we need a short breather. But don’t worry! We are working on some fun things for you guys so be on the look out for those. Also, we will still be posting reaction videos because Cynthia and Kat can’t seem to stay away from the camera for more than two days (jk we love their reactions and KPOP stops for no stan!)

So, whether you are dancing barefoot with Crush, being tempted by GFRIEND, or screaming THIS IS ME with Sewoon (and Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato) remember to always, ALWAYS, FANGIRL ON!

- Terrica

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