NYAFangirls the Blogcast: Lucid Dreams & Seventeen

Greetings lovers of KPOP! I am back once again with this week’s Blogcast!

Seeing how my brain has melted from the ridiculous and unnecessary Texas heat, let’s just jump right into news before I pass out, and this time it’s not because I’m talking about Na Jaemin (but now I’m sweating even more.)

This week kicks off with grown ass idols doing regular grown ass things. Moon Hyuna from 9MUSES gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby that she named, Bandi! Congrats, Hyuna! Next on the grown folks agenda, Carolina’s man who ain’t her man, Taecyeon (2PM) has announced that he is dating....wait for it.....A WHOLE ASS REGULAR SHMEGULAR GIRL! That’s right people, not only is his girlfriend NOT a celebrity but she’s also a regular girl working a regular 9-5 at an office. We would like our faves to keep this same energy and set their sights on regular old international girls. I hear barista girls are quite sweet and make great girlfriends (I’m looking at you Johnny and Yoongi).

The next subject was a lot more heavy. As you may or may not know, for years since pre-debut, Taeyong of NCT has received a lot of unnecessary hate surrounding incidents and rumors that happened in middle school. Finally after years of going through all of this stress and undeserving hate, SM has decided to take legal action against those who have said mean and hateful things or made threats to Taeyong and/or his family. To hear everything we have to say about this ridiculous issue and our sweet boy Taeyong, listen to this week’s podcast episode.

Yet again, virtual concerts take center stage. KCONTACT happened this past week and we thought it was great. The price wasn’t too bad and it gave fans who aren’t usually able to travel to KCON an opportunity to be able to watch the performances and interact with their favorite groups. The fan meets and engagements were super cute and we hope that this is something that KCON does every year.

Are you watching I-Land because we DEFINITELY are! We, and by we I mean me, Cynthia, and Carolina, aren’t big on survival shows but this one has definitely pulled us in. Not much has happened besides meeting the contestants and evaluating their audition performances to see who makes the lucky 12 and who gets sent to ground but, we are super excited about the amount of talent that this show holds. It also helps that the boys are all super adorable!

Ok, my good people. It is now time for comebacks! Here’s this week’s speed round of all the new releases we’ve had.

*A.C.E - Stand by You: If you know us, then you know we are HUGE CHOICE(s). We were so excited about this new single and in terms of the song, we definitely were not disappointed. The single was a sweet and soft fan song that evoked a sense of love and nostalgia. The boys promised to always stand by Choice just as Choice has always stood by them. Although it was a soft ballad, there were some rock elements in the song that gave it a nice balance.

Sadly, through all of the great things, there was also a lot of controversy surrounding this comeback. In the music video, the boys did some things (dancing around a fire, singing offensive song, wearing native headdresses) that greatly offended Native/Indigenous fans. These fans had every right to be upset and they exercised their right and emailed BEAT (A.C.E’s company) immediately. Within an hour the CEO issued an apology statement stating that the boys in no way meant to offend their Native/Indigenous fans and they would take the proper steps to right their wrongs. Later, the company announced that they are going to take down the music video and reshoot it within 2-3 weeks. While some Choice were happy with the outcome there are other people who are still really upset. We spoke about this issue in better detail and shared our thoughts in the podcast so check that out to hear more.

*Maddox - Sleep: If you’re all about chill vibes only, then this is the song for you! Maddox has such an amazing voice perfect for soothing your soul.

*Golden Child - ONE (Lucid Dream): BASS, BASS, AND MORE BASS! ONE (Lucid Dream) is such a cool song with many different sounds and elements that come together perfectly. The music video screamed Inception to us and the fantasy world that Golcha created through the music video's visuals drew us in. They took us on a little trip and we were happy to ride along.

*BlackPink - How You Like That: The girls are FINALLY back and this time with a pre-release that will lead into a full length album! The visuals of the music video and the styling of the girls was AMAZING, as always. Lisa’s rap was a highlight for us but as far as the song as a whole, I was just “eh” about it. The other girls felt that, although the song wasn't their favorite, it was still good. We love BlackPink but we would also like to see more from them. Some of their songs are starting to sound the same (but yes they are still bops.) We know the girls have a lot more to show us and we can’t wait until the full album. But sadly much like A.C.E, there is some controversy surrounding the music video. In the music video there is a statue of a very important Hindi God that is just chilling on the floor next to Lisa while she sits on a throne. I’m sure you can see how this is very disrespectful especially when you take into account that there was really no need for the statue to be there. It was merely used as a prop to fit a certain aesthetic and that makes the situation even more frustrating for fans. Again, we discuss the issue a little deeper in the podcast so if you’re interested go and take a listen.

*Bandage - Coloring the Life: This sweet band wraps up the last of our comebacks. Carolina has been on a band kick lately (check out our episode where we scream about Lucy) and has been sending us different bands to listen to. Bandage colors our life in serene colors with their soft rock sound. Every member is super talented and if you are looking for something to calm you after a long day, you should definitely give this “summer breeze song” (in Cynthia’s poetic words) a listen.

If comebacks weren’t enough for you, we did have a mini album review of Seventeen’s newest album, Heng:garae. The album is great! And we are so happy that Seventeen is back and happy and healthy and making everyone around them laugh! Left & Right has been literally EVERYWHERE and the challenge has been taking over social media. We discuss each song one by one so if you’re interested then you know the drill!

And that’s all folks! So whether you are taking a trip (on a dream rocket ship) with Golcha, celebrating the fact that BlackPink is out of the basement and breathing fresh air, or doing the Left & Right challenge with Seventeen, remember to always, ALWAYS, FANGIRL ON!

- Terrica

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