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So you may or may not have noticed but I did not post a Blogcast last week. I was busy with work and family things and, on top of that, I’m old so my mind isn’t as sharp as it used to be. And if you listen to the podcast, which you should be, then you know that as 1/2 of the Libra line, I get easily distracted. But....moving on to this week!

As I say week after week, we are keeping this short and sweet and if you want to hear every last detail of what we had to say, then please check out the week’s podcast episode.

Now without further ado, let’s jump into some news.

So starting things off on a sad note, Youngmin has officially left AB6IX. We knew that he would take a long hiatus but we never truly thought that he would leave the group completely. Whether you think that he most definitely should have left or you were leaning towards the side of stepping away from the group for a while and taking responsibility for what he did like we were, I think we can all agree that the entire situation sucks and we feel bad for the boys. On the opposite note, we feel extremely good for the “nameless non celebrity” woman who bagged Changmin! We don’t know who she is but:

1: Please queen teach us your ways.

2: She's a lucky woman and he’s and even luckier man!

Congratulations to them both and we hope to see more happy idol couples in the future!

Speaking of queens, queen Chungha decided that it wasn’t enough to dominate kpop, she also wanted to take over the advertising world by singing a whole song and music video for Sprite. Yes, Sprite, the soft drink. The music video was super cute and colorful and full of summertime vibes! Sadly, no matter how much happiness Chungha spreads in her yellow and green tennis outfit, we will NEVER drink Korean Sprite. It’s just not good, at all.

Joining the online concert club this week is ASTRO who will be having their concert April 28. BTS who has already been riding the virtual content train, gave an uplifting and beautifully motivational graduation speech to the class of 2020. After making us all feel like we were invincible, they hyped us up during their Boy With Luv performance and then instantly broke our emotional spirits and made us cry when they performed Spring Day and Mikrokosmos right after. Just when we thought the tears would stop, they then decided to release the music video for We are Bulletproof: the Eternal. The animated music video chronicles their journey from debut until now and I don’t think any fan who watched it could keep their eyes free from both tears of sadness but, ultimately, happiness. Unless you were like me and had to just let one single thug tear drop because you weren’t alone and didn’t want your family to question why you were crying while watching cartoon boys.

Once again we have reached the comebacks! This week we had quite a bit so let the spark notes begin!

*Cosmic Girls - Butterflies: MY GIRLS!!!! I can’t name not one member but, do I love them? Yes! Do I love this song? Yes! I love my little witches so much and even though Carolina compared them to the awkward caterpillar in A Bug’s Life, she loved this comeback too! It’s fun and catchy and although they don’t have their typical witch vibes the mystical, whimsical, fantasy element that they pull off so well is still there.

*WayV - Turn Back Time: BOY! BOY! BOY! WayV has done it again! I know that this always sounds so dumb but this song is such a WayV song! They fit this style so well and it’s amazing every time. The music video was filled with AMAZING choreography, cool visuals, abs and tiddies everywhere and, of course, Lucas’ feet. We are so proud of WayV for constantly delivering despite all of their doubts and doubters. The whole album (their first full length album to be exact) is filled with bops and the boys even had the opportunity to participate in writing lyrics. It’s definitely worth checking out if you haven’t! Like, what are you waiting for!?!

*Heize - Lyricist/Things are Going Well: Not only were the songs pretty but so were the visuals. Miss Heize hit us with the old 1-2 by giving us not one but two music videos in one go. It was beautifully shot and the aesthetics matched the tone of the song. It was perfection and we didn’t expect anything less from her.

*Super Junior K.R.Y - When We Were Us: Umm ok so. Please, please, don’t fight us but, we were bored. And when I say “we” I mean mainly me and Kat but Cynthia and Carolina agreed. Listen, if I’m going down I’m bringing everyone down with me. Seriously, Super Junior are talented. We know that. We acknowledge that. But for us this wasn’t it. Their voices were nice and it sounded pretty but it was also pretty boring and didn’t fit the summertime vibes that we wanted and needed during this time. But, if you love a good ballad then you would eat this up faster than Mark Lee can devour a watermelon.

*N.Flying - Oh Really: KINGS OF COMEDY! And a great song to boot! The song is catchy and upbeat and, as you know, we at NYAFG love a good band and N.Flying definitely fits the bill. This is the summertime fun we needed! The music video is hilarious and the 90s/early 2000 boy band parodies were a nice touch that us millennials greatly appreciated. Move over Usher! Say Bye Bye Bye N*SYNC because N.Flying is taking over (hehehe)!

*Ha Sungwoon - Get Ready: AHHHHH my baby is back, y’all! As you all know I love me some Ha Sungwoon! And with my love comes extreme nervousness anytime my faves come back or make a solo debut. I’m so glad that Sungwoon delivered with this song. It’s funky and fun and he looked so good in his red beret and red pants. Although I appreciated the mellow sound of his last album, I absolutely love this album 10 times more! The girls said it gave them Michael Jackson vibes and they are totally not wrong! I’m so proud and so happy for him. Even though there was not a drop of melanin in this music video, that’s ok. We’ll table that and come back to it later. For now he is forgiven.

Last but not least we have Seventeen TEEN TEEENNNN!!!! I won’t go into too much detail because these two songs were just pre releases but, the emotional fan song that is Us, Again and the cuteness that is MYMY (both the song and the music video) has us really excited for their comeback. Our resident carats Carolina and Cynthia, along with our friend Kenzie won’t shut up about them. Kat and I think that the new title song, Left & Right, has the potential to be our favorite Seventeen title track yet! So if you’re anxiously anticipating their return you should check out Us, Again and MYMY to get you even more excited for the comeback.

Welp folks, that concludes this week’s Blogcast. Again, if you would like to hear our lame jokes and a more in depth conversation, please check out this past episode!

So whether you are crying in the rain in a phone booth with N.Flying, turning back time with WayV in a V shaped prison, or questioning why Seventeen put a terrifying singing jar of jam in their music video, remember to always, ALWAYS, FANGIRL ON!

- Terrica

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