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Hello world changers!

I would like to start this week’s Blogcast by saying that we at NYAFG do NOT stand for racism, injustice, or homophobia! This is why we have been so vocal in the fight to end these injustices by speaking out and doing our part to create change. As women of color and as just all around good human beings we cannot stay silent and as our listeners, subscribers, followers, and/or readers we know that you are doing your part as well. Continue being leaders. Continue to be world changers because if we don’t change things, then who will? This is our time!

So with that being said, let’s jump into some KPOP news.

Sadly, two more of our faves, Ilhoon of BTOB and Hojung of Hotshot, are taking their Hawaiian vacation. But with sad news come happy news as we celebrate the anniversaries of three amazing groups. Seventeen celebrated their 5th anniversary by gifting Carats with a Snapshoot video filmed by Mingyu. VIXX blessed Starlights with multiple Instagram posts for their 8th anniversary and for SHINee’s 12th anniversary the boys posted on their social media thanking Shawols and Taemin gave us all a good laugh by doing nothing but being himself.

And in case you didn’t know, KCON LA was postponed. Are we shocked? No. But they announced the first and second lineup for their online convention KCONTACT. For a list of the full lineup and information on how to be part of the artists meet and greet, check out KCON’s official twitter page and website.

The last bit of news (yes! You heard me right! Last bit! The world of KPOP decided to take it easy on me this week) is a sweet collaboration that gave us a sour yet delicious result. Lady GaGa teams up with BLACKPINK in Sour Candy! The song fit BLACKPINK perfectly and it was nice to see them get their shine instead of being shoved into only singing the chorus.

Disclaimer: if you listen to the podcast you will notice that the first time we discussed this, I admitted to blanking out and not really paying attention but, after going back and listening, I do really enjoy the song!

The next topic we discussed was the controversy surrounding Yoongi’s mixtape. To keep this Blogcast from being entirely too long I will just say that the fans who were upset about the use of the speech had every right to be and should be able to express that without being attacked. Also, there are ways to handle certain situations and there are ways not to. For the fans who were upset and calmly explained why, know that your actions had a positive impact and the song was removed and a different version was re-uploaded. To those who were hateful, spreading negativity and mean words is not the way to handle things and please know that YOUR actions were not the reason why BigHit listened.

Now moving on to comebacks! Keeping this short and sweet here are some words that summarize our feelings of each comeback.

*DKB - Still: That guitar! This should have been their debut song! Loved the glow edit in the music video. We like the soft side of DKB! Also, autotune can never be taken seriously.

*Park Jihoon - WING: CHOREO! Pops of color make the mood! PARK JORGE THE TEJANO KING! All around talent. The album is a summer vibe and you should check it out. We suggest Paradise and Driving. Park Jihoon stan extraordinaire, Cynthia, suggests Let’s Love.

*Baekhyun - Candy: WOW! THE WHOLE ALBUM IS AMAZING! Baekhyun has so much soul. Footwork and shoulders on point! Korean Trey Songz. The EP is for the grown and sexy and we suggest every song.

*Monsta X - Fantasia: So it’s definitely not like Disney Fantasia it’s Fan-Tuh-See-Uh. It’s so intense we’re tired by the end of the track. When we thought we saw the finish line we realized it was a mirage and we had 6 more miles to go. Not bad but not our fave. As Caro said, “I really tried to like it but eh. It’s good but not their best work.” The set design of the music video looked EXPENSIVE! Cynthia thrives on chaos so she loved it!

*Kim Wookseok - Red Moon: To quote Kat, “It was a wild ride” and gave us vampire king vibes. It had us all sweating. The song is so sensual, haunting, and creepy sexy. The choreography was sex-ayyeee!!! The EP has a sexy sinister vibe and we love it.

*Sandeul - Lazy Me: Carolina’s theme song. Chill vibes all around. The animation of the music video was so cute and really added to the vibe of the song. The shoutout to BaNa with the animated lightstick in the background was a cute touch.

*Sik-K - Tell Ya!: Why is he always going through something? He hates your crew, but loves his girls. Cynthia was about it but Caro was like nah, won’t get another listen from me.

*Chungha ft. pH-1 - My Friend: Zion T’s chill vibe is ALL OVER THIS and WE LOVE IT! Yay for friendship. A chill song with a good message and a dope verse from Harry. Chungha’s outfits are fire!

*Stray Kids - TOP: Not really a comeback but deserves to be talked about. Matches the anime perfectly. Felix’s hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows are woah! A good woah! The choreography is so cool and even though it's for an anime, they went all out! Check out the anime because according to Cynthia and Kat it’s really good.

Now last but not least, the ONEWE album review! ONEWE finally gave us the full length album that we have been begging for. Although we do feel a little played that we only got 3 new songs, we are grateful that all of their songs are now in one collective place. Which is probably why they named the album One.

The first new song is Crazy Good, which is a rearranged version of Crazy and Crazy from Cya’s SoundCloud. You can hear the influence from Crazy and Crazy but the song is completely different. It's a fresh song with heavier rock influences. It is Carolina and I’s favorite new song from the album.

Next is the title track End of Spring. This song was an unexpected and new vibe from ONEWE that we thought was really fun. There is also a rock version of this song that we prefer more than the original but both versions are really good. Also, ONEUS made an appearance in the music video for the song which was the icing on the cake. And did we mention the guitar solo? Because the guitar solo in this is everything!

Last but not least is the emo song of the year, If. The vocals in this song are AMAZING! Yonghoon’s vocals are so beautiful that no matter the vibe of the song he always delivers. And once again, THAT GUITAR SOLO! Kanghyun is top notch talent! He makes playing the guitar look effortless and his solos always add a certain flavor to their songs that tie everything together. Dongmyeong also delivers beautiful backing vocals that stand out and gives us chills. Shoutout to Onewe Studio for being amazing and taking the time to translate all of ONEWE’s songs and Cya’s SoundCloud songs!

Overall we loved the album and for those of you who do not know ONEWE or are new fans, listen to the album and share your thoughts with us!

And welp, that brings us to the end of this Blogcast! If you have time, check out our podcast episode for more of our fantastic humor and witty banter! Also, check out this link to help support the #BlackLivesMatter movement and other organizations that are working to stamp out racism and injustice. Whether it is by donation or by signing a petition, do your part in changing the world.

So whether you are rocking out with ONEWE, spending the night with Vampire King, Wooseok, or sleeping the day away with Sandeul, remember to always, ALWAYS, Fangirl On!

- Terrica

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