NYAFangirls the Blogcast: Stray Kids Buffet

What’s up KPOP enthusiasts! We’re back for yet another Blogcast!

This week we have a special guest with us, our friend Sophanna, to add to the madness!

Let’s jump into some news!

If you are a magical girl looking for your own magical staff, look no further! LOONA’s lightstick is THE lightstick for you! She’s beautiful and we are excited to buy her and join LOONA’s magical girl army!

If being a magical girl isn’t your speed, ONEUS has finally announced their lightstick as well. I must admit, she kind of left us a little underwhelmed and the more we looked at her the more we kinda sorta think she’s ugly. Our resident Too Moon, Cynthia has both positive and negative things to say but, after about a week of processing, she is happy to announce that she loves it.

The conversation then shifted over to the Road to Kingdom finale. First and foremost, congratulations to The Boyz for winning the whole thing! Unfortunately for you my dear readers, I didn’t come near that show, and therefore had zero to contribute. Not because it was bad but because I’m just really bad at watching shows. But never fear because the other girls and Sophanna watched it and had much to say. In a nutshell, they loved the groups but hated the set up of the show and the eliminations. If you would like to go more in depth about the show and their favorite performances then feel free to check out the podcast episode here.

Speaking of shows, the theme song to the new survival show I-Land was released this week. IU, who sang the song, sounded amazing as usual. Her voice in combination with the clips from the show definitely had us feeling some type of way! Of course we knew that Kat, our survival show queen, would watch but this theme song music video has convinced me, Carolina, Cynthia, and Sophanna to watch. Even though Sophanna should have definitely been ON the show instead of watching but you know, age discrimination or whateva.

Piggy-backing on age, the next topic of conversation is CRAVITY!!!!! They are the cutest little babies and Cloud 9 gives off the sweetest most fun summer vibes!! We are so proud of them and are excited for their journey!

Now it’s time for, you guessed it, comebacks!!!

Let me just say that for this next comeback, we are so so so glad that Sophanna was here to school us on all things IZ*ONE! Thanks to him we finally know how to pronounce their name (we think) and we got the inside scoop about how much this comeback means to WIZ*ONE. The symbolism of the clocks and the transformation of the girls into knights in shining armor really connects the girls to their fandom and vise versa. I can’t do justice to Sophanna’s words and I highly recommend that you go back and listen to the episode to get the full story. As usual, there are time stamps in the description of the episode so you can easily find where we talk about Secret Story of the Swan. We loved the new hard hitting vibe of the song and rap line blew our mind and we are so happy that the girls had a hand in the songwriting.

*Nature - Girls: This song gave us creepy asylum vibes and we loved it! Again, this was also different than what we would expect from Nature and we enjoyed it. Sophanna once again adds his girl group expertise and speaks about how the visuals and the lyrics touch on the topic of youth, love and innocence. He also informed us that they had to revise the original music video because it was too intense with more gore. This is actually really sad because we would LOVE to see the original. Again, can there please be a KPOP after dark YouTube channel where we can see all the music videos that are locked in the vault?

*Weki Meki - OOPSY: Keeping up with the trend of doing things we weren’t expecting, Weki Meki came back with OOPSY. The song was upbeat and retro. Sophanna and Carolina pointed out the 2nd generation KPOP similarities and after listening again, I definitely agree! Also, shoutout to the music video creative director for actually highlighting the other members with individual closeups! Get y’all shine!

*Stray Kids - God’s Menu: BOYYYYYYYYY!!!! THIS SONG AND THIS MUSIC VIDEO IS EVERYTHING AND I WILL NEVER STOP SCREAMING ABOUT IT DU! DU! DU!!!! The lyrics, the transitions, the visuals, the choreography! This is by far my FAVORITE Stray Kids comeback, song, EVER! All of the background scenes and the production of this music video were AMAZING!!! So once again, shoutout to the creative and production team! Y’all deserve a raise!!!! The entire album is good too so I suggest that y’all check it out. Again, I also suggest that you scroll down to their time stamp and go listen to us rave about how dope this song is on the podcast! Also, check out the reaction that Cynthia, Kat, and Sophanna did because it's pretty great too! So to wrap things up, we will continue to hype up Stray Kids and their construction music (on both Australian and American TV) no matter how much of a hot mess they are.

*BTS - Stay Gold: This song was so pretty despite the ugliness that Carolina and Kat tried to spread about it! (JK. Here at NYAFG we definitely value the difference of opinion when talking about comebacks) Cynthia and I really enjoyed the song as per usual when it comes to BTS' Japanese releases. We were hella confused about the song though and after we posted the episode we discovered that this song is actually an OST for a Japanese drama, which may explain why Carolina was not about it. But all in all the harmonies were pretty and the song was nice.

Welp friends, this concludes this week’s Blogcast! Be sure to check out our songs of the week playlist and stay tuned for next week’s episode!

Special shoutout to our good friend Sophanna for willingly being part of this episode! Make sure to check out all of his reactions and dance covers on his YouTube channel because he’s so funny and so talented and incredibly sweet!

So whether you are enjoying your 5 star meal at Stray Kids’ restaurant, being rescued by IZ*ONE or just staying gold with BTS, remember to always, ALWAYS, FANGIRL (and boy) ON!

- Terrica

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