NYAFangirls the Blogcast: What's the Answer? Pporappippam!

What it is stans of KPOP!

Yes, it’s me, back again with this better late than never episode recap.

Exciting things have been a happening over here at NYAFangirls! We have been oh so busy planning some new and exciting things (check our twitter for more insight into those new and exciting things) so this recap is going to be quick, fast, and in a hurry.

Let’s get into it!

Last week BLACKPINK came back and just as we expected, the girls are already breaking records faster than a Blink of an eye(see what I did there)! The girls broke one Guinness world record for each member plus an extra one for kicks and giggles. Congrats to both them and their fans for putting in work!

We also had 3 special music video releases from TXT, Pentagon, and Stray Kids. As much as I would love to go on and on about TXT’s Eternally music video, I cannot. Reason one being that this is suppose to be a quick recap and there is nothing quick about that 20 minute video. The second reason being we are honestly so confused and don’t have a single clue about what's going on besides the fact that:

1: Beomgyu is your typical Gen Z kid attached to his phone.

2: Soobin has obviously never seen a horror movie because seriously, who runs TOWARDS the creepy thing in question?!

And finally

3: Yeonjun is dead, question mark?

Pentagon may not have left us confused but, they did leave us on edge with their Mad Max inspired music video for Basquiat. The whole video was visually intense and dramatic but seriously, can someone please get Hongseok a shirt! The poor boy is going to burn out there in the desert half naked and thangs!

Big thanks to Stray Kids for making it EASY on our old hearts by blessing us with some nice visuals of them frolicking on the beach. It was cute and calm and sweet and didn’t require us to have a Ph.D in theories or be masters of adrenaline to enjoy. Every now and then all you need is just to see your favorite emotional support KPOP boy smiling in the sun.

*Sidebar, we actually loved all of these music videos just in case you thought otherwise 😆*

This week we also had two F*ckery of the Week(FOW) but one of them was really intense. The situation between Mina and Jimin was something that we hated to talk about but had to and if you want to listen to what we had to say, check out this past week’s episode. Our second FOW involved Jae from Day6 and JYPE. Jae was really disappointed that JYPE wasn’t supporting him and helping him the way they most definitely should have been and he called them out on it (as he should!!!). Since then JYPE has attempted to get their shit together and thankfully we will be getting more of Jae’s side content again, but this time with the help and support of his company!

Now that the what’s happenings are out of the way, let’s make like Barry Adams and speed our way through comebacks.

*Sidebar #2, in case you aren’t a nerd, Barry Adams is the superhero The Flash's (who’s power is super speed) real name so I was saying we should go through these comebacks lightning fast.*

Ok now that that’s cleared up...


We had 10 great comebacks this past episode but in the spirit of making this a quick read, here are our thoughts on 4 of them:

*Hwasa - Maria: When it comes to Hwasa’s solo projects we tend to be a little “meh” about them. She doesn’t make bad music by any means but, we are never blown away. I guess she felt our indifference and decided to shut us up with Maria. This song gave us Latin influences, stunning visuals, and a creepy sexy concept! Hwasa was out here eating the brains of those who have wronged her and WE ARE ABOUT IT! We love Maria and we are so happy Hwasa decided to embrace her and share her with the world.

*AB6IX - The Answer: Despite all of the sadness and drama surrounding this comeback, AB6IX gave us a fresh, fun, and bright summer comeback. We are so used to the boys being sexy and sensual that we were surprised to get something so light and playful from them. Although Kat felt that another song from the album should have been the title track, we all agreed that this was a nice change of pace for them and we loved it! The only thing we didn’t love was the horrible editing. Honestly, the company should have just left Youngmin in the video instead of half ass editing him out. Other than that, congrats to AB6IX for pushing through and giving ABNEWs a great comeback.

*Zico ft. Rain - Summer Hate: Z-I-CO back at it again folks! Summer Hate is a summertime bop about hating the summer heat and we most definitely didn’t hate it. The song is classic chill, comedic rapper Zico. Take Zico’s antics and combine them with now TikTok famous uncle Rain and you have gold. The song was playful yet still had a nice flow. The video is super funny and even more relatable for those of us who know about that 100+ degree summer life.

*WOODZ - Love Me Harder: Our boy is back with his solo album and it is FIRE!!!!!!! Love Me Harder is the title song off of Equal and it WOODZ is so amazingly talented that we honestly expected nothing less than greatness and he delivered. The album as a whole showcases how diverse he is. From the chill vibes of Waikiki, the heavier sounds of Accident, to the softer and ballad like Memories (which he PERSONALLY told Carolina was his favorite song to make) there’s a song for everyone. We love WOODZ in this house and if you haven’t listened to his album PLEASE do because it’s amazing!

Also, as I hinted towards earlier, our dear Carolina won the video call with WOODZ! She was an adorable mess! Tune in to our next episode to hear her squeak about her experience!

Also again, check out our twitter for more information on how you can join the chaos that is NYAFangirls LIVE and in the flesh(aka through zoom) this weekend at #KPSNPODCASTFEST

So, whether you are hating the summer heat with Zico and uncle Rain, working on your editing skills (cough cough Brand New Music), or running from the ghost in the elevator like Soobin, remember to always, ALWAYS, FANGIRL ON!

- Terrica

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