Our Top 5 K-Pop Christmas Songs

Christmas might have come and gone, but the feeling of the holidays doesn't need to disappear once December 25th ends. Here at Not Your Average Fangirls, we believe Christmas is a feeling that we can revisit even if it's in the middle of summer or, in this case, days after Christmas. So here's our top 5 K-Pop Christmas songs that will put you in a holiday spirit no matter what time of the year it is.

1. 첫 눈 (First Snow) - EXO-K

Soft R&B, sweet vocals, and EXO singing about how much they miss you? Sign us up! EXO gave us the holiday version of a 90’s R&B song about wanting you back and we are not even mad about it. The fact that this song re-enters the Korean music charts every year when the first snow falls, should be enough reason as to why it is one of the top Christmas songs of the K-Pop world.

2. Winter Wonderland - SHINee

If you want something a little more dramatic, this song is for you. Full of emotional vocals, high and mighty notes, and piano notes that transport you to a, well, Winter Wonderland! With lyrics like “my love is here to stay for eternity,” this song will definitely bring you some comfort on those cold winter nights. Now if only SHINee would show up at our door every time we play this song!

3. Unfair (불공평해) - EXO

It’s no secret that EXO has some of the best Christmas songs, but this one takes the cake! A K-pop Christmas CLASSIC! The oh my’s, the bright melody, the fun and adorable live performances - it’s UNFAIR how good and lovable this song is. This trendy pop song will have you bopping your head to its rhythm in no time and saying "eommaya" left and right.

4. Confession Song - GOT7

GOT7 are known for their goofy personalities and tremendous talent, so no surprise they combined these two things to make this Christmas love song. What we consider a K-pop Christmas classic, with its catchy chorus of “I love you’s” and fun music video, this song will make even the grumpiest Grinch smile.

5. Merry & Happy - TWICE

A cute and upbeat song for Christmas? TWICE has you covered! ‘Merry & Happy’ brings all the aspects of a TWICE banger but with a dash of snow and holiday cheer. The use of jingles and tambourines fit in perfectly with their sweet vocals and visuals. For added emotional value, make sure you listen while watching the music video and cry over TWICE’s bond with each other.

Did your favorite make the list? If not, what are your favorite Christmas/winter K-pop songs? Let us know!

So whether you are still jamming out with your Santa hats out, or chilling by the fire drinking hot chocolate, make sure you always, always, FANGIRL ON!

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