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Pentagon Concert Review

Hey y'all! It’s your girl Kat coming to you with my first written concert review, how exciting! 

On September 10th, I had the pleasure of seeing Pentagon on their Prism World Tour in Seattle, WA to a nearly sold out Moore Theater. To say I was impressed by this show is an understatement. Maybe I’m biased as I am a huge Universe myself, but I’m ready to rave about this show!!

To start, the setlist was amazing. The first few songs set the pace of the night perfectly. The show was so well thought out including dramatic breaks with ballads and cover songs alike.

They kicked off the show with the title track of their 8th mini album,‘Sha La La’, and from there the hype started instantly as the dimmed blue lights showed the silhouette of all eight boys taking the stage. The crowd’s roar was piercingly loud (I’m sure people heard it for blocks!). The boys’ entrance was the signal for all the lightsticks to fill the theater like a flood, as the song started and Hui’s vocals took over the speakers. The feeling was electrifying. Pentagon is a group that includes two of my favorite vocalists in Kpop so, you could only imagine the chills I got as his voice filled the theater. The performance these boys put on is outrageously good. The excitement continued as they performed their debut track ‘Gorilla’, causing everyone to go nuts over the addicting brass intro to the song, followed by the chorus that had the entire theater screaming “LIKE A GORILLA” at the top of their lungs. The energy was palpable! Pentagon took a moment to talk to us before leading into the third song, the song I was most excited to see. Last year at KCON, I was teased with a little taste of it so, finally seeing the entire performance was amazing! Not even 20 minutes into the show, and the night already felt full as I heard the acoustic intro to the song I had been longing to hear, ‘Like This’. Standing still with simple spot lights on them, a powerful acoustic rendition of the song filled the venue. Before the lights dimmed, a heavy guitar signaled for them to do the full version of the song, choreography and all. Seeing the song that means so much to me performed so passionately was a complete out of body experience. The butterflies and chills...I’m not saying I cried… but I’m not saying that I didn’t! 

The night continued with a couple of fan favorites like ‘Runaway’ and “Just Do It Yo!!’ before the boys turned full cute mode and played their latest title track ‘Humph!”, in which Hui called for the crowd to sing his iconic “SwAG” introduction before hearing the “G.R” signature of the song’s producer Giriboy. Next, the boys performed a couple of unit song covers. Kino, Jinho, Hongseok and Yeo One led the way performing a sexy rendition of Camilla Cabello’s ‘Havana’, which of course threw the crowd into a frenzy (and let me tell you, I was there along with them). Hui, Yuto, Wooseok and Shinwon followed with their fun and quirky take on Bruno Mars’ ‘Uptown Funk’. The synergy between Pentagon and Universes was at full force as the crowd sang along to every word! 

After, the Havana unit talked to the crowd about visiting Pike Place and eating Pho in the city, while the Uptown Funk crew changed clothes. Jinho mentioned how he bought a Seattle hoodie after falling in love with the city the day before and all of the Seattle Universes screamed in obvious approval. Hongseok then mentioned that Seattle was the only city where Jinho had bought a souvenir from the entire tour and the other members joined in with a few funny moments that happened between Hui and Hongseok before they led into their next song. Saying their fans were filled with beauty, the boys then transitioned into ‘Critical Beauty’, followed by ‘Skateboard’ and ‘Can You Feel It’. After that the ballads made their appearance as they started off the mellow period with “When It Rains in Night” before then singing a song I absolutely love, ‘Beautiful’. The entire theater was lit up so the boys could read the banners made for the fan event that read, “Hold Our Hands One by One and Go Up”. This caused an emotional reaction from Pentagon as every Universe in the place sung every word along with the boys. Watching their eyes wander and take in the crowd is one of the experiences I love most as a fan and concert goer. To see the artist you love, understand just how much you mean to them and at the same time see the love those same artists have for every person in that room, is a magical thing to witness. 

Hip Hop Unit and Ballad Unit performed their songs from the Genie:Us - EP. The energy of Hip Hop unit and the heartstopping harmonies of the Ballad unit made for an amazing mood setter before they continued on with their summer anthem, ‘Fantasytic’, the rock inspired track ‘Spring Snow’, and another fan favorite ‘Pretty Pretty’. The final ment came and each member said a few words. Hongseok spoke about studying in America and how he left to Korea to pursue his dream, which led him to perform in the States. He emotionally added that all of this was possible because of the fans’ love and support. The boys continued to express their love and extreme gratitude for Universes. Kino led his speech by saying “You know how much I love you, right?” , which caused small cries to ring out through the theater. Jinho followed in saying they will be back and that this isn't a goodbye, but a see you later. 

Their staff took pictures of the boys with the crowd and soon after came more banter. They announced that they would perform the last two songs, which I mean everyone knows that it's never the last two songs..Haha! 

The beginning of ‘Naughty Boy’ began and Universes filled the theater singing along to every single word. They ended with undoubtedly their most powerful title track, ‘Shine’, and the fan chants over took the venue. Some Universes broke out doing the dance moves along with the members. Everyone was out of their seats, fans and parents alike, screamed “Yuto-da” as he began his verse before leading to the climax of the song, signaling everyone to sing along to the infamous, “MY BABY”. The boys’ disappearance from the stage beckoned fans to chant for an encore with the name of the group being shouted at the top of our lungs until they reappeared, decked out in tour tees. ‘Thumbs Up!’ and ‘Spectacular’, their actual finale songs, were up next. The boys provided cute fan service for the entire crowd. As the songs ended, Pentagon took their final bow, not leaving the stage without throwing hearts at everyone, waving and giving love to as many people as possible. Hongseok and Kino even blew a big kiss at the very end, and like a blink of an eye the end of Prism in Seattle had come. 

Throughout the show I was so impressed and captivated by each member and their incredible ability to keep every single person completely immersed with the happenings on stage. With that being said, I am so grateful that I was able to experience this show and this group for the second time. Not only are they a BEYOND talented group of men, but they are also incredibly sweet and humble human beings. This fact makes being a fan of them so much better. So to Pentagon and Universes.. Let’s do this again soon! 

Until next time, 


And remember, Fangirl On!

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