Seventeen's"An Ode"; a fangirls album review

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Whether you're a Seventeen stan (Carat) or not, you have heard of them in some capacity. Debuting back in 2015 known as the monster rookies, rightfully so. They have continuously brought us bops after bops and their latest release is no exception! Titled "An Ode" brings us 9 new songs, 1 previously released as well as 1 Korean version of their Japanese song, That's 36 minutes of pure enjoyment not only for your ears but your soul as well.

The album begins with a previously released song "Hit." I won't lie to you when I first heard this song, I did a double take to see if it was indeed Seventeen. There seems to be different genres mixed into a song which is exactly how I knew that it was Seventeen. They did this through out the whole album playing a sort of ping pong game between each song, here we have this hard heavy song (Which has been added to my workout playlist) playing to be followed by "Lie Again" with a very sad boy atmosphere calming your pulse as Wonwoo's voice quietly echos in the background. Hold onto your hats folks because we are going into overtime with our ping pong game as "Fear" plays. The first line makes you think it's going to be a hard club song as well only to bring you outside for some air with Joshua's first verse but wait, we are going back into the club for shot by the time the chorus hits. This song alone does a dance battle within itself, instead of clashing it gives each part its own chance to shine and somehow flowing beautifully together. "Let me hear you say " has this slow tempo that begins building up in time for the chorus when suddenly the beat drops and you are presented with the most catchy bridge."247" starts as the old school r&b boyband song done by none other than the performance unit. Do yourself a favor by watching the live stage of this song, they aren't called performance unit for nothing! "Second life" follows accompanied with what I call video game vibes, lol. The drum kicks between these sounds make it such a good beat which happens to be tied with one other song for my favorite off this album. "Network love" is next which personally is the only song on this album that had to grow on me although I am living for the dance break in this song, it was also a pleasant surprise for Minghao, Jun, Joshua and Vernon to be on this song together. Now, if you did not know me personally there is one thing you need to know, I will die for hip hop unit, I'm not going to sit here and say they have revolutionized the rap game. But damnit do I love their songs, "Back it up" being adding to that list. The first listen made me scared as it seems as though the song is going to be a mess because there is just so much going on. By the time the the first verse ends I was fully ready to indeed back it up. Once I got down from the walls I hopped into a time machine for "Lucky" getting ready for the disco. This song also surprised me in the best way possible. I am always looking for songs to go rollerblading in my mind to. Groovy is the best way to describe this song. Speaking of groovy, lets go to church real quick for "Snap Shoot." Which is the other song tied for my favorite of this album. When I tell you I believe I was put onto this earth for the first verse as well as Dino's verse would that be dramatic to say ? Because I said it. This song embodies everything I want in a song from the catchy beat and melody to the very lyrics of this song being about dispatch following idols around aka speaking your truth. There are not enough words to describe what this means to me other than love. The album closes with a Korean version of "Happy Ending" to which I gotta say the song slaps in both languages, the raps really stood out to me for this song.

If you couldn't tell by my jumbled mess of explaining this album the bottom line is you need to listen to this album from beginning to end at least once. Seventeen is a group I hold close to my heart not only for their amazing personalities but for their hard work as well as craftsmanship.

Let me know your thoughts of the album and don't forget to listen to our full review on our podcast! Links below :)

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